Affiliation. No.-2132140
  1. Punctuality and regularity in attendance is essential.
  2. Students may be required to take part in various school activities and when required to do so, participation will be deemed compulsory.
  3. Students must come to school in neatly laundered uniform and polished shoes. Hair should be trimmed and nails must be cut regularly. Trinkets, Jewellery should not be worn to School.
  4. Pupils are forbidden to carry objectionable literature or expensive items to school. School does not take responsibility for lost articles, money etc.
  5. Students are expected to take a balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports. They must study with zeal and devotion, be attentive in class and not distract others.
  6. It is compulsary for all children to converse in English as the new CBSE syllabus stresses on student's competence to speak confidently and naturally in Englilsh.
  7. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards members of staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal of a student.
  8. If students carrying mobile to School, the mobile will be confiscated & a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged. Parents will be informed of the same.